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Dear Clients!

DomainName will be merged into Namecheap and all users and their domain names/services will be migrated to

Migration will be performed in several stages and the first one is migration of domain names that will take place though June 22-23, 2017.    

If there is a Namecheap account associated with your email address, domain names from your DomainName account will be added under your Namecheap account.

If you do not have a Namecheap account, we will automatically create one for you and add your domains there. You will need to use a password reset option to get into account using your email address.

No actions are needed from your side, all domain settings will remain the same.

After migration is finished you will just need to use your Namecheap account for management of your domains.

Those customers who have hosting or online sitebuilder services will receive additional notification. All the services will continue to work and will be manageable via DomainName account.

Please do not hesitate to contact Namecheap customer support if you require any assistance.

Best wishes,

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