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Dear Customers,

If the auto-renewal option is enabled for your domains please read this announcement with utmost attentiveness.

Due to our last database update issue, some credit cards on file now are lacking the expiration date. That is why the payments for the domains that should be renewed automatically cannot go through. We sorely apologize for this inconvenience and kindly ask you to check if your credit card information on file contains the expiry date. If it doesn't  please follow the tips that are provided below.

Unfortunately, simple adding the expiration date to the existing data on file won't help. That is why you are asked to re-enter your credit card details with the expiration date on file. To do this please:

-Login to your account with and go to Billing > Manage credit card section;
- Re-enter your credit card information data under "Enter New Card Information Below".
Note, that you don't need to use the different card, you should just re-enter the data of already existing on file card that you used to pay with earlier. If you try to add the expiry date in the field that is placed above the message and thus try to update the existing data on file, unfortunately you will fail. That is why please remember to enter the expiry date as new card information option. To prevent you getting confused with the procedure we attached the picture where the required field is circled.

How to re-enter the cc info

Please again accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.
We will do our best to minimize the influence of the issue.

Respectfully, Customer Support

Friday, December 14, 2012

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